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  1. a collection of organic fine line artwork drawn to invoke imagination.  Simple, elegant and clearly whimsical, each creation engages the viewer and invites them to participate.

Profoundly inspired by nature, as well as a lifetime of memories, Von.G’s flowers, butterflies and birds will stun you with their clear, simple contours and beautiful balance of lines. She employs her whimsical touch to the alphabet when bringing names and words to life through the finesse of her fluid lines.

Von.G dreams in color but creates in black and white. With white paper and black Sharpie markers, Von.G creates stunning, organic line art.

All artwork is double matted in white acid free mats, available in three standard sizes of 5X7, 8X10 and 11X14 (including mat), and individually signed by the artist.  Prints double matted to the finished size of 16 X 20 can be special ordered. Direct link to Von.G Art on Amazon is .

All available designs are shown on this catalog website.  Purchases of the artwork can be made on Handmade and can be found under Von.G Art & Arts.  Direct link to Von.G Art on Amazon is .

PLEASE NOTE:  Custom art cannot currently be created by our artist due to a health condition. Thank you for your understanding.