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About Von.G

Megan Donavon Guenthner has always loved art, for the sake of art.

Megan was acutely affected by her Grandfather’s art during summers together on the gulf beaches of southern Alabama. Her Grandfather didn’t find his artistic talent until he was 67, when he began painting incredible butterflies on seashells. He instilled in Megan a sincere delight in creative expression based upon nature.

Since 2010 she has created a series of beautiful, graceful line art that reimagines the beauty of flowers, butterflies, and birds. In addition, Megan created a wide array of inspirational word artwork; most will inspire, many will cause a smile and some will invoke a tear. 

 Megan's custom art has been created for events such as the birth of a child, weddings and anniversaries and take the form of baby name art and family names, even incorporating names and/or dates into her stock art designs with striking, organic lines that become bold but simple statements. Much of her custom artwork are memorials and are personalized with names, dates and symbols that represent a loved one.  Megan's art clearly illustrates the influences from nature, a lifetime of memories, and a passion for possibility. Her love of black and white art allows the viewer to imagine color as they see fit, reinforcing a personal conviction of Megan’s that “color is personal”.

As her distinctive tastes and unusual art garnered acclaim, Megan shortened her signature, pulling from the middle portion of her full name, and Von.G was born. Today, Megan lives in Sigourney, Iowa where she remains inspired by her love for her two young sons.