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Von.G Art has suspended our show schedule

Note to our valued customers:  

Over the years Von.G Art has exhibited at many arts and crafts festivals throughout the Midwest and Southeast.  Megan (the artist) has always loved to participate in art art shows and festivals as she sincerely enjoys visiting with her customers, many with whom she has developed lasting friendships, while also meeting new people and other artists. Megan finds it especially interesting to hear the stories that her artwork sparks as people view her designs. 

2017 was different.  

On September 30, 2016 while on our way to exhibit at the 2016 Red Barn Arts & Crafts Festival in Kirksville, Missouri, Megan became ill.  We ended up at the emergency room of the Northeast Regional Medical Center on Friday night and were unable to set-up and exhibit on Saturday.

Three and a half months later in mid-January 2017, after seven subsequent ER visits, Megan was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. In late January 2017 she underwent surgery to remove the main tumor, a large portion of her colon, and the nearby affected lymph nodes.  Megan then underwent two months of chemotherapy. In mid-May of 2017, Megan had a second surgery to remove five tumors in her liver.  She completed another four months of chemotherapy in mid-September of 2017.

The good news in October of 2017 was that Megan was doing quite well and was considered to be cancer free. That was a HUGE "woot-woot"!  

But then in April of 2018 a scan showed a large malignant tumor on Megan's ovary.  This discovery didn't represent a recurrence but rather was considered part of the original cancer.  During one of the early surgeries in 2017 a single colon cancer cell "dropped" onto the ovary.  This event is called a "drop cancer".  That single cancer cell had been held at bay during previous chemotherapy but began to grow sometime in early 2018.  Since the cancer was on her ovary, it was able to grow very fast. In June 2018, Megan underwent surgery to remove the tumor and a procedure called HIPEC to prevent any additional rogue cells from growing in her abdomen.  The surgery was very "big" and the recovery period is measured in months rather than days or weeks.

Her six week post surgery checkup from the June surgery included a scan, Megan was told that the scan indicated numerous scattered lesions in her lungs.  The lesions are inoperable and are still being treated with a different, stronger chemotherapy. Megan has learned she will be on chemo for the rest of her life.  She is OK with that since it keeps her alive to raise her boys.

Please know that through all of this Megan has remained positive and is doing well.  Some days are worse than others, yet she still keeps a smile on her face. 

For now, Megan is unable to commit to art shows and festivals for the foreseeable future.  Regrettably, due to the effects of chemo, Megan also cannot create custom art at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

Megan's artwork can be found for sale in the Handmade department of by searching on Von.G Art & Arts. Direct link to Von.G Art on Amazon Handmade is